About this Website

This website has been created as a place where you can learn something about the history of Automobiles.

My name is Pete and I have always had a passionate interest in all things car. The Marques, the Makes, the Models , the Auto Company histories, who bought who, when, why, and who owns them now. What happened to that Company and its products? Why did some Marques survive and prosper while others were dropped and forgotten?

I also have more than a passing interest in Motor Bikes, Scooters, Trucks, Buses, Vans, and all the derivatives of them, so don’t be surprised to see the odd posting about those items too.

I have spent many days, nights, (years), under the bonnets and underneath a selection of cars and vans that we have owned in our family, and vehicles that friends and colleagues have entrusted to me to service, repair, respray, or just work on to improve.

I have, in the past, and in various different Countries, undertaken some major mechanical and bodywork rebuilds, and had facilities with shop air, MIG welding, Oxygen/Acetylene welding and cutting equipment, 4 Post Hoist/Ramps, Trolley Jacks, Press Stands, Bench Drills, Heated/Ventilated Spray Booth and so on.

I am more limited in the facilities I have available today, but I still have many of the hand tools I have collected over the years, and the knowledge is still in my mind. my books and wherever I can find it. I hope to be able to load the information onto these pages and, if I can help anybody with something they want to do, then the knowledge gets passed on to future generations and maybe some older vehicles will be able to live on and enjoyed safely, and in reliable condition.